Biden to meet with XI Jinping amid trade, Taiwan Tensions

Biden will meet with Chinese President Xi Jinping next week amid rising Taiwan tensions over trade and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

In our discussions, I want to lay out our red lines and determine whether they conflict with one another and, if they do, how to resolve them. On the sidelines of next week’s Group 20 summit, the leaders will meet in Bali.

According to the administration’s national security strategy last month, China and Russia are the two greatest threats to international peace and stability. The White House said that while Russia poses an immediate threat, China is the only competitor capable of tilting the global playing field in its favor.

In response to China’s attack on Taiwan, Vice President Biden vowed to defend the island militarily, which riled Beijing.

Since Biden took office, the two have spoken five times; however, Monday will be the first time they meet in person.

It is expected that Biden will raise concerns about China’s trade practises and the treatment of Uyghurs and other ethnic groups that are predominantly Muslim. They may also discuss areas where the two countries can cooperate.

Rather than addressing specific issues, White House National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan stated that this meeting will focus on the “bigger picture.”

Sullivan said, “Where is the PRC headed?” Where is the U.S. headed? “Where is this relationship headed?” “That’s what the president has on his mind at this point.”

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