Mcdonald’s announces interesting happy meal “Adult Toy’s”

As a kid, there was nothing more exciting than a McDonald’s happy meal and its surprising toys. Sure, the fries and nuggets were delicious. But what makes it to another level? The toy. The surprising freaking Toy.

Yes, you will never exactly going to know what’s inside, but that’s the rule that you were sure as hell going to get a toy.

McDonald’s recently – launched adult Happy Meal which was specially planned to engender the feelings of “nostalgia” among its adult customers. Now we can again recall memory of enjoying a Happy Meal as a kid.

Mcd’s launched its meal by strange name – The Cactus Plant Flea Market Box. CPFM is a high-end street wear fashion brand which collaborated with McDonald’s as a promotion.

The Cactus Plant Flea Market Box are very limited edition and already sold out at many Mcd’s outlet at different locations across the country, which causing difficulty for collectors to get their hands on the toys.

source: Via Google images

Some opportunist greedy resellers are taking benefit of limited time collaboration between Cactus Plant Flea Market and Mcd’s to make a quick buck.

One can get this adult happy meal with either a combo of 10-piece nuggets, fries and drink or with Big Mac. You’ll also get a collectible toy of either, Hamburglar, Birdie, Grimace or Cactus Buddy. Many toys among these can be seen on resale sites and generating thousands of dollars.

One ebay seller listed an unopened pack of all 4 toys along with printed mug and apparel brand’s Mascot Cactus Buddy with mind boggling price of $ 3,000,000.

The impressive thing about it all is that McDonald’s actually doesn’t need to promote and rebrand anything to market it towards older audience and to get an adult to buy Happy Meals.

source Via Google Images

Mcd’s previous happy meal collaboration with BTS and Pokemon already appealed to adults. So there is a matter of choosing the right brand to work with because the interests of old audience are obviously already there. I wouldn’t be surprised if someday I reach McDonald’s and they runs multiple toys promotions targeting both children and adults.