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It is evident from the names of many of the states and cities of the United States of America that this country is multicultural and therefore multilingual. These names were established centuries before the country became independent. Our first name is America, which is a feminine version of the Latinized version of Amerigo Vespucci’s first name, who explored the continent between 1501 and 1503. In this post today we are going to learn about “Top 10 U.S. cities with Spanish names”.

You may not be surprised to know that some U.S. cities have Spanish names. However, some names might actually surprise you. The number of Spanish-named cities in the country is well over a hundred, so you’re sure to want more after discovering this fact.

22 of the 50 state names are derived from native languages, and a few others are derived from French and Spanish.

In the early years of colonization, the Spanish set up missions throughout the territory. They existed in:

  • Florida from 1565 to 1709
  • Georgia from 1568 to 1684
  • The Carolinas from 1566 to 1670
  • Louisiana from 1763 to 1801
  • Texas from 1689 to 1830
  • New Mexico from 1598 till present day
  • Arizona from 1629 to 1828
  • California from 1726 to 1834

Top 10 U.S. Cities with Spanish Names

Los Angeles, California

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The Spanish word “Los Angeles” is often known by its initials L.A. It is the largest city in California, the second most populous in the United States after New York City, and one of the world’s most populous megacities.

There are many things that make Los Angeles a popular vacation spot and a famous city, including Hollywood stars, the movie and TV industries, and gorgeous beaches. Find out what to do on your LA vacation and what attractions to visit…

  • The best beaches in LA
  • Hollywood attractions
  • Movie, TV & Music Industries
  • Theme parks
  • LA-inspired pop culture

Facts about Los Angeles

  • The city was originally called El Pueblo de la Reina de Los Angeles (The Town of the Queen of Angels).
  • LA has various nicknames, like “Tinsel Town” and “La La Land.”
  • In 2021, 50 million people visited Los Angeles.
  • On the West Coast, LA is the largest city.
  • In the USA, after New York, Los Angeles is the second-most populous city.

San Diego, California

cities with Spanish name
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This Spanish-named city is situated on the Pacific Ocean coast of Southern California, adjacent to the border between the United States and Mexico. In California, San Diego is the second-largest city after Los Angeles.

The main economic engines of San Diego are defense-related and military activities, international trade, tourism, manufacturing, and research.

In addition to its mild year-round climate, extensive beaches and parks, natural deep-water harbor, and long association with the United States military, the city has recently emerged as a centre for healthcare and biotechnology development.

Facts about San Diego

  • The Navy of the United States is the top employer in the city.
  • In the United States, the most avocados are produced in San Diego.
  • Approximately 7,000 farms are in San Diego, which is the largest number of farms in the United States.
  • Famous skateboarders Tony Hawk and Shaun White hail from San Diego.
  • It’s illegal to swim in any of San Diego’s lakes.

San Antonio, Texas

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The seventh most populous city United States is San Antonio (Spanish “Saint Anthony). It is known as a great place to live because of its high safety rating, affordability, and outstanding food scene.

As a matter of fact, San Antonio is ranked as the eighth safest large city in the U.S. and the most affordable city Centre in Texas. The small-town feel and cultural diversity of this city in Bexar County make it a top destination for young professionals, families, and retirees.

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Facts about San Antonio

  • The most visited city in Texas is San Antonio.
  • Church’s Chicken first opened in San Antonio.
  • The most visited attraction in the city is the Alamo.
  • The largest Mexican market outside of Mexico is available in San Antonio.

San Jose, California

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San Jose (Spanish: “Saint Joseph”) is the financial, cultural, and political Centre of Silicon Valley in the U.S. state of California. It is Northern California’s largest city by both population and area.

San Jose is famous for its culture, innovation, affluence, diversity, and sunny, mild Mediterranean weather. In 1988, Mayor Tom McEnery adopted the motto “Capital of Silicon Valley” in recognition of the city’s proximity to the booming high tech industry.

San Jose is the home of thousands of tech companies, including several major tech companies, including eBay, IBM, Adobe Systems, and Cisco Systems.

Facts about San Jose

  • Once, San Jose was the capital city of California.
  • It is the largest mercury mine in California.
  • Among the many inventions made in San Jose are Eggo waffles, hard disc drives, floppy discs, and The Wave.

San Francisco, California

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San Francisco (Spanish for “Saint Francis”) is the cultural, financial, and commercial Centre of Northern California.

One of the most vibrant cultural Centres in Northern California is San Francisco. There are many international enclaves to explore, such as one of the country’s oldest Chinatowns, a vibrant Japanese community, and a Little Italy.

Facts about San Francisco

  • The Golden Gate Park is bigger than Central Park by 20%.
  • San Francisco Fog has had a name called Karl for decades.
  • Oldest Chinatown of North America can be found in San Francisco
  • San Francisco is the world’s most hilly city, with more than 50 hills.
  • The Golden Gate Bridge was originally planned to be painted black with yellow stripes by the U.S. Navy.

El Paso, Texas

cities with Spanish names
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El Paso stands on the Rio Grande, across the United States-Mexico border from Ciudad Juárez, the most-famous city in the Mexican state of Chihuahua with more than 1.5 million people.

Biggs Army Airfield, William Beaumont Army Medical Centre, and Fort Bliss are all located in El Paso. Located near White Sands Missile Range, Fort Bliss is one of the largest military complexes in the United States.

Facts about El Paso

  • El Paso, Texas, was known as the Six Shooter Capital before it was nicknamed the Sun City.
  • One of the safest cities in the country is El Paso.
  • With 302 days of sunshine a year, El Paso is one of the sunniest cities in the United States.
  • The Border Patrol Museum is the only one in the United States and is located in El Paso.

Las Vegas, Nevada

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Las Vegas (Spanish for “The Meadows”) is also known as the “Gambling Capital of the World,” Disney land for adults, or “Sin City.” It is the most populous city in Nevada.

Las Vegas is internationally renowned for its shopping, gambling, entertainment, fine dining, and nightlife. It is one of the world’s largest resort cities. Despite the bright lights of the Strip, there is a perfectly ordinary Western city with neighborhoods, churches, and shopping Centres. The list of 10 U.S. cities with Spanish names is incomplete without this city.

The city ranks among the highest in personal and property crimes, alcohol consumption, suicide rates, and illegal drug use.

Facts about Las Vegas

  • There are more than half of the world’s 20 largest hotels in Las Vegas.
  • Each year, more than 43 million people visit Las Vegas.
  • McCarran International Airport receives 51.5 million passengers each year.
  • Visitors spent 39.2 billion in 2021.
  • The total number of hotel rooms in Las Vegas is 150,357.

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Cities with Spanish Names
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The International Balloon Fiesta is the most famous event in Albuquerque, which is celebrated every year on the first 2 week of October

To reach Sandia Peak, take the longest tramway in the world. Explore the racing museum of the famous Unser family, filled with Indy 500 trophies and some of the cars they used to win, also visit the Albuquerque Bio Park and nearby Old Town, where the city began.

Facts about Albuquerque

  • There are more than 11,000 square miles of panoramic views from Sandia Peak, which is 13,378 feet above sea level.
  • Larry Newman, Maxie Anderson, and Ben Abruzzo, the three pilots of the first manned balloon to cross the Atlantic, lived in Albuquerque.
  • There are many excellent hospitals in Albuquerque including the Carrie Tingley Children’s Hospital, Presbyterian Hospital, The Heart Hospital, The Albuquerque Regional Medical Centre, The UNM Hospital/Medical Centre, Lovelace Hospital and The Regional Veterans Hospital

Santa Cruz, California

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The city of Santa Cruz (Spanish for “Holy Cross”) is the county seat of Santa Cruz County, located in Northern California. Santa Cruz was founded in 1791 by Fermn de Lasuén as a mission by the Spanish.

Santa Cruz, known for its high-stoke surf culture, has expansive beaches and some of the world’s best off-shore breaks, but the laid-back shoreline offers more than wetsuits and short boards.

Santa Cruz is a short drive from San Jose and San Francisco, and makes for the perfect weekend getaway, though after experiencing the area’s natural beauty and eclectic charm, you may never want to leave.

Facts about Santa Cruz

  • There is a lot to do in Santa Cruz, such as whale watching near Monterey Bay, the Beach Board Walk, art, fishing, and biking.
  • Santa Cruz has 14000 acres of apple orchards and 152 commercial dairies
  • It is likely that Santa Cruzans witnessed the first meat dress before Lady Gaga appeared on the scene.

Palo Alto, California

cities with Spanish names
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The city of Palo Alto (Spanish for “tall stick”) is located in Santa Clara County, California, in the north-western corner of the county. It is named after a coastal redwood tree known as El Palo Alto in the San Francisco Bay Area.

There are numerous high-tech companies with headquarters in Palo Alto, like Space Systems/Loral, HP, PARC, IDEO, VMware, Houzz, Ford Research and Innovation Centre, SAP Labs, and Skype.

Additionally, Palo Alto has been the headquarters for a number of high-tech companies, such as Google, Facebook, Apple, Logitech, Pinterest, Tesla, PayPal, and Intuit.

Facts about Palo Alto

  • In Palo Alto, the annual May Fete Parade is the oldest children’s event in California. It started 80 years ago.
  • Some of California’s most popular tourist destinations are located in Palo Alto. They are: Nob Hill, Fisherman’s Wharf, Ghirardelli Square, Alcatraz, Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco Zoo, Embarcadero Centre, Cable Car Museum, Golden Gate Bridge, Wells Fargo History Museum, and Chinatown.
  • Over 10,000 people work at Stanford University, whose main campus is located in Palo Alto.

QnA for “Cities with Spanish names”

1)  which is the Largest United States cities with Spanish names?

Answer: Los Angeles

2) Which are the oldest United States cities with Spanish names?

Answer: St. Augustine

3) Which is the Mysterious cities with Spanish names?

Answer: “El Dorado” is the mysterious city with Spanish name whose origin lies deep in south America. It is known as a lost city of gold, which was never found by anyone.

4) which are the most tourist visited American cities with Spanish names? 


  • Los Angeles.
  • Orlando.
  • San Francisco.

5) What American city speaks the Spanish Most?

Answer: El Paso, Texas speaks the Spanish most because of his Hispanic majority of population. 

6) How many U.S States have Spanish Names?

Answer: Among the 50 states, 22 are directly derived from native languages, and a few are derived from Spanish and French.


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