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Is there anything better than the first chill of the season? Rather than lazing on the beach, you need to vacation somewhere where it’s always cold!

Cold winters are often accompanied by warm blankets, a fire, and a cup of coffee. However, the climates of these top 10 world coldest countries are so extreme that blankets, fires, and coffee cannot keep the chill off.

People who live in these extreme coldest countries face numerous challenges in terms of warm shelter, food production, and clothing. In order to keep their places warm, they need more fuel or energy supply, and if such needs are not met, they become the targets of colds, frostbite, and pneumonia.

So let’s discover about these top ten world coldest countries.

Top 10 World Coldest Countries


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Due to Estonia’s location in the north of Europe, it experiences extremely low temperatures during the winter. Estonia is also known for its erratic rainfall patterns, which can cause temperatures to plummet at any time.

When severe cold hits, the temperature can drop to -18 degrees Celsius, and multiple cities and towns can be covered in feet of snow.

Due to the harsh winters, the people of Estonia migrate to other areas of Europe rather than remain in Estonia due to the many challenges faced by them. That’s why we have taken this country at 10th place in the list of top 10 coldest countries in the world.


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Winters in Finland are long, since it is a Scandinavian country located in the far north of Europe. Finland’s Scandinavian people have to endure four months of long winters.

It is almost impossible to conduct normal work in those conditions when the temperature drops to -20 degrees Celsius.

The extreme snowfalls and blizzards leave people with no choice but to hibernate in their homes until it is safe to step outside again.

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The weather in Mongolia is equally extreme throughout the year, with freezing winters and hot summers. Züüngovi, Uvs Province, recorded -55.3 degrees Celsius, the coldest temperature ever recorded in Mongolia, in December 1976.

Due to the harsh winters, nomadic tribes are forced to build camps and remain at the same location for prolonged periods of time. Winter temperatures drop to approximately -20 °C and –45 °C.


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It is at 7th place in the list of world’s top 10 coldest countries, As with the rest of the Nordic countries, Iceland has a Polar Tundra climate, which means it’s cold all year round. Iceland’s average annual temperature is 36.1 degrees Fahrenheit.

Even the country’s name indicates how cold it can be. Due to the country’s northern location, it is impossible for the sun’s rays to penetrate completely into cities and towns, even during summer, the temperature remains low.


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Greenland may not actually be as green as its name suggests. Throughout the year, it is always covered with ice and snow.

On all sides, the freezing ocean surrounds this massive northern continent, which is one of the world’s coldest countries. Summers are often subzero, and depending on the season, this location enjoys exceptionally long days or nights.


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As a country with 50 states, America has the most diverse climatic conditions on the planet, with both the coldest and hottest regions.

A typical temperature in Alaska of the U.S can drop to -30 degrees, and in extreme conditions the temperature can drop to -50 degrees. Due to Alaska’s location in the north-eastern region of the country, the state receives insufficient sunlight and is frequently hit by heavy snowfall.


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As a former member of the Soviet Union, this nation is located immediately below Russia and inside the Arctic Circle.

The topography in Kazakhstan is quite uneven, and the temperature varies greatly based on altitude.

Especially those living at high altitudes struggle to survive due to heavy rainfall coupled with snowfall. That’s why we have it in 4th place in the list of the top 10 coldest countries in the world.

As the government does not provide any facilities, the natives of the country must manage it on their own.

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The coldest temperature ever recorded in Canada occurred in 1947 in Snag, Yukon, where it reached 63.0 °C.

Although many places in the north of Canada are relatively cold or temperate throughout the year, there are also places that experience high temperatures during the summer.

A northern and eastern part of the state receives most of the impact of the winters, which last five months there. In spite of this, the development of infrastructure and technology has made life easier for the citizens.


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The country stretches across two continents, from Europe to Asia, making it one of the biggest in the world. Many parts of Russia remain very cold throughout the year, with summer temperatures dropping below zero and this makes it the 2nd world coldest countries.

For a long time, the Communist dictatorship deported prisoners to the northernmost part of Siberia, which is continuously covered in snow.

Due to the harshness of Russian winters, the nation has been spared invasion by standing enemy forces that tend to underestimate its severity.


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Antarctica is the coldest country on the planet. Technically, it is a continent, but it is the only country on it because there are no separate countries within it.

In this region, there is nothing but land covered with layers of polar ice that never melt, making it uninhabitable. Antarctica’s Vostok Station experienced a record-low temperature of -128.6 degrees Fahrenheit on July 21, 1983!

QnA for Coldest countries in the world

Q1: Is Russia Colder than Canada?

A1: Yes, Russia is colder than Canada. Oymyakon and Verkhoyansk are the 2 coldest places on Earth which is a part of Russia

Q2: Is Poland colder than UK

A2: Generally Greater Poland has more colder weather than London. Greater Poland average mean temperature is generally 11.05°C (51.89°F) and London 12.17°C (53.91°F) and their difference in temperature is 1.12°C (34.02°F).

Q3: Is Canada colder than UK

A3: Canada is both colder and warmer than UK

Q4: Which country ever recorded lowest temperature?

A4: Russia recorded record breaking temperature among any coldest countries in the world.

Q5: Which coldest countries has the longest winters?

A5: Antarctica has the longest winters.

Q6: Which country is always cold?

A6: Antarctica remains cold throughout the whole year.

Q7: what is the coldest city on earth?

A7: Yakutsk, located in Siberia is the most coldest city on earth.




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